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Renegade – King’s Pawn

Part I of the novel I am presently working on. The sequel to ‘Renaissance – The Fall and Rise of a King. The story continues with Francis Viscount Lovell. Richard III’s greatest friend. A man of peace who turns avenger. Devastated by his friend’s brutal slaying on Bosworth field and the dishonourable treatment of his […]

Grant Me The Carving of my Name

An international group of authors who have all been inspired by England’s last Plantagenet King, Richard III, are working together to raise funds in support of Scoliosis Association UK through sales of a collection of their work. Grant Me the Carving of My Name is an anthology of 15 short stories by a dozen authors […]

Renaissance – The Fall and Rise of a King

The Plain of Redemore, 22nd August 1485 Richard III – betrayed and defeated! His gaze sweeps over the bloody carnage surrounding him. A cry goes up: “We have found the king!” He sees Henry Tudor standing triumphant over a mauled and battered corpse and hears him whisper, “It is done. England is mine.” How can […]